Sunday, April 11, 2010

free tickets!

Due to some unexpected good luck and your friendly neighbourhood comedians, read, watch, listen has been offered two free tickets to see Capital Punishment at the Melbourne Comedy Festival—and they’re up for grabs for you, dear reader. If you want to get your greasy paws on these tickets, for Thursday night’s gig in Melbourne Town Hall’s Backstage Room, all you need to do is leave a comment here—and you don’t need to be a blogspot member to post a comment. All I want from you is to leave your name and a joke, no matter how terrible, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday morning and post the winner then. And I’ll even start!

Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: A stick.

See, you know you can do better, don’t you? Well, go on then.


  1. We have friends who live in Canberra. They once invited us to visit them for a weekend so we could all go to the "flower show" together. Apparently it's the thing to do in Canberra. We passed, arguing that we have flowers here in Melbourne that we can see for free. But I always wondered what we might have missed. For all we know, the flowers in Canberra might shoot lasers from their petals and sprout boobs on their stems. Anyway...

    Q. What ever happened to the man who lost the entire left side of his body?
    A. He's all right now.

  2. why did the first koala fall out of the tree?
    he was pushed
    why did the second koala fall out of the tree?
    he was dead
    why did the third koala fall out of the tree?
    he thought it was a game.

    ta da!


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